The Top 5 Ultimate Skincare Tips

The beauty industry, especially the skin care industry, is starting to overload with products – some might feel a little overwhelmed with what is available on the market today.

ultimate skincare tips
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Serums, scrubs, night creams, eye creams, day creams, essences, masks, toners, this-and-that creams…

Don’t know about you, but I am starting to get confused!

However, no matter what new ‘miracle cream’ comes into the market, there are 5 skincare tips that will always make your skin look amazing:

1. Sunscreen is a must. 

It helps prevent skin damage that ages you, and of course skin cancer. Dermatologists recommend to get at least SPF 15 or higher, SPF 30 is a happy medium. Also, check out Sunscreen Myths & Facts for even more information on having sunscreen in your skincare regime.

2. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. 

No matter your skint type, moisturiser helps your skin to look smoother, healthy, softer and better in texture.

3. Remove makeup throughly. 

Remove all traces of makeup before you sleep. Makeup removal is very, very important as having makeup stuck on your face can cause all sorts of skincare nasties.

Check out How to Remove Makeup Properly for all my tips, including my favorite makeup removers that really get the makeup off!

4. Cleansing. 

With quick fixes today – makeup wipes, micellar water (which I love, but it’s not a cleanser long term), cleansing can be an after thought. But it’s so, so important for skin health and texture. It’s the first step in skincare, really.

Cleanse your skin – properly – morning and night, to bring out its best.

5. Get your beauty sleep. 

You know what they say: Beauty sleep is just that – you feel fresh, look fresh, and your body is energized and healthy. What can possibly be better for your skin?!

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