Hall of Fame: Vichy Slow Age Day Cream SPF 30

Vichy Slow Age Day Cream SPF 30 came at the most perfect time.

A few weeks ago, I was furiously searching online for a day cream with SPF 30 and to my surprise, they are quite hard to find.

Vichy Slow Age Day Cream SPF 30 review
Image: Vichy FR

There were a few, of course, but I didn’t want anything fancy – all I wanted was a simple moisturiser and SPF combo so I would have less steps in the morning, and also to save a bit of money.

And then, lo and behold, while reading a local fashion magazine this week, I see a huge ad for Vichy Slow Age Day Cream, and a small sample of it attached. I tore out the sample, used it the next day, loved it, and bought a tub the following day.

The Power of Probiotics

Using the power of probiotics, this line took 9 years of research to then create.

I can vouch for probiotics – for the body that is – and I don’t see why it wouldn’t have some benefits for the skin. In fact, Vichy’s research showed that their cream reduced the appearance of fine lines, and complexion looked more fresh and radiant.

My Experience

If I’m being honest though, I wasn’t looking for anti-aging properties – I simply wanted a moisturiser with some SPF. But, wow! Talk about a pleasant surprise. My skin does look much brighter and radiant after I apply it, that’s for sure.

Product-wise, it’s incredible too. I find that the SPF in the sunscreen isn’t thick or goopy at all – a common feature in SPF creams which I hate.

Instead, the Vichy Slow Age Day Cream applies smoothly to the skin and sinks in very well. It’s very moisturizing, and my skin did feel moisturized all day. The cream is lightly scented, and though I don’t like scented skincare products, I find the scent lovely. With my sensitive skin, heavily fragranced skincare can be a deal breaker, but this was so subtle and I had no reactions to it.

Bottom line

In a few words: what a great buy. I am so happy with it, and already loved it after the first time trying it. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a simple day cream with high SPF, or even a skincare item with probiotics – I hear its the nest big thing in skincare.

You can buy Vichy Slow Age Day Cream SPF 50 at Feel Unique and Look Fantastic; beauty sites that both ship internationally.

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    1. Hey Ruiting! The label says for normal to dry skin although the texture itself is a little thick. If you tend to break out from very emollient skincare items then I’m afraid you might do with this one. 🙁

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