So Underrated: W3LL People Narcissist Foundation Stick

If you’re looking for a foundation that not only does it’s job (properly, that is) and is good for your skin, well… (pun intended) I think I may have found an option for you: the W3LL People Narcissist Foundation stick.

In fact, I will go so much as to say I think I may have just found a gem of a product, ladies!

W3ll People is a supernatural mineral, organic makeup line created by Cosmetic Dermatologist Renee Synder, Makeup-artist and former NARS Corporate Leader Shirley Pinkson and Treehugger James Walker. What a team! With that being said, I like what I hear. (Plus, I have to support my fellow Renee.  )

The NarcissistFoundation Stick has plenty of benefits: first, it’s 100% toxic free and 100% natural. This means natural ingredients that don’t harm the skin, and you won’t find any nasty petrochemical, parabens, preservatives or phthalates. The stick also contains a mix of anti-oxidants such as organic green tea, reishi mushroom and pomegranate. And just to be even more ridiculous (in a good way), it also has oil absorbing silica to control shine, has an SPF 10 and nourishes the skin with organic sunflower oil and organic wild harvested bayberry….

I told you I found a gem.

Though I’m not so much a fan of foundation so much right now, Narcissist is a great alternative for those days when I may need a heavier coverage. It’s in a cream stick formula, so you know that the product is quite thick – no way will I be applying this straight to my face, unless I want a real ‘mask’ look. The best method I found to apply this as a foundation or concealer was to either use my fingers and ‘pat’ the product on, or a concealer or foundation brush. Also, a damp foundation wedge sponge would work really well. It is easy to apply and goes on smoothly.

Like I said above, a real gem of a product. The only ‘con’ I see is that it is US$38, but I’ll look past that as foundations these days cost the same, yet aren’t as good for your skin as this. Also, it’s a fairly big product and you don’t use a lot at one go, so I could see this lasting for years.

What do you think about organic and natural foundations? Do you use them?

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