Want An Instant Face ‘lift’? Try This Hair Trick

This tip takes the phrase ‘short and sweet’ to a while other level.

Want an instant face ‘lift’ on days you’re just not feeling it? Your new best friend is a high ponytail.

Yes, that’s it! Something about it draws the eyes upwards and gives you that ‘re-fresher’ you need. I do this myself (it’s one of my favorite hair dos!) and everytime I do it, I get comments saying I look like I got a great night’s sleep. Who knew?! Try it!

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  1. But I don’t have the face shape to sport such look! 🙁 It seemed to look really good on people with sharp jaw line or oval faces.

    1. Oh girls I am sure it suits all face shapes – don’t be self conscious, if you like the hairstyle then you should wear it, no matter your face shape! Be proud of it! 😀

  2. It’s also all about volume too honestly. Spritz in some volumizing spray @ the crown of the head, tie up that pony tail, and voila. Good tip tho. Oh! and some contouring powder on the face helps the effect too.


  3. I used to wear my hair in a ponytail A LOT. Now I only wear it when im going to work out or something. I just feel that my face is too big now LOL, for some reason I can wear it anymore… I wish I could. I think it looks great for going out when you´re having a bad hair day. And put some huge earrings like the model in the pic!

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