“Which Hairstyle Suits Me?” Find Your Best Today!

what hairstyle suits me?Which hairstyle suits me?!

This is one of the “beauty things” I’ve wondered for many years.

And after many years of disastrous hairstyles, desperately trying to find the best hairstyle for me, I finally realized what hairstyle I should get, and what really suits me.

Because the truth is, hair really does make a huge difference. I don’t think anyone can deny that.

Your choice of hairstyle can really transform your look, and your haircut, I think, can also showcase your personality and who you are to others – even before saying a word.

How to Find the Hairstyle that Suits You

Below, I share some of the steps to find your best hairstyle. This is how I personally found my perfect best hairstyle as well, one that I believe not only suits me, but I’ve been told time and time again that my hair is so “me”.

1. Find your face shape

To find what hairstyle suits you, you need to know your face shape first. Once you know your basic guidelines for your face shape. It is so much easier to find out what cuts and styles will flatter your face, making your search much less traumatic.

Check out How to find out your face shape, and once you’ve figured it out, come back and continue reading.

2. Know what works (and doesn’t) for you 

Once you’ve found your face shape, it’s time to remember what hairstyles suit you – and which ones you should stay away from. I call these the “guidelines” you can work within.

A quick video if you want an overview, before continue reading:

Here are some guidelines for the different face shapes, from what your hairstyle goal is, what hairstyles to avoid, as well as celebrities who share your face shape – go and research what styles they have for every more ideas:

Round faces.

Your goal: The goal when working with a round face shape is to create “length” visually, so that your face shape looks longer, since there is already a lot of width. To do this, you gotta find a style that will visually “pull” your face longer. So long, straight hair (or slightly wavy) would look stunning on you.

What to avoid: Avoid styles that will bring more width to your face, such as blunt bangs, bobs and big curls (especially short or shoulder length curly bobs). They might make your face look rounder – the trick with round faces is to elongate.

My suggestion: I personally love girls with round faces to have super straight, long hair – I usually don’t recommend long hair, especially past your shoulders, but with round face shapes, it looks stunning! It also gives full attention to your beautiful features on their faces, especially the eyes and lips, while still allowing the hair to frame and lengthen the face.

Long faces.

Your goal: The key here is to widen your face, so focus on getting hair volume at the side (near your cheeks) so it will visually “widen” your face. Hairstyles such as wavy and curly hair will add width to your face; and short to shoulder length cuts look great on you too. Also, get used to backcombing your hair for width to your hair.

What to avoid: Avoid styles that “lengthen” the face, such as straight, long cuts, and avoid too long hair length, which can drag your face down (try not to have your hair length go past your chest).

My suggestion: As a fellow long faced gal myself, I feel like I’ve tried it all. And the best I can advise is to really, really focus on gaining hair volume, keeping the length no more than past your collarbone area, and to get it cut straight across – no layers.

Square face.

Your goal: When looking for a hairstyle for square face shapes, the idea is to soften your sharp features: just think romantic, soft, feminine. Soft romantic curls, soft layers will all look really pretty on you; and hairstyles with big, soft volume will look great too (think Veronica Lake curls).

What to avoid: For your face shape, it’s best to avoid sharp, angled styles and chin length cuts that may emphasis your strong jawline.

My suggestion: Oh, how I love a cool layered, romantic curls on square faces! Just look at how Angelina Jolie always does her hair, this is my personal favorite. This just gives your face such a beautiful, classic femininity to it while still looking sexy and womanly.

Oval Face.

Lucky you, oval face shapes look great in anything! Experiment and see what you like best. (But if you really need some ideas, Allure has a great list to find inspiration.)

My suggestion: Really, have fun with this face shape! You can really take any style, but if you really want a suggestion, I love The Universal Haircut on this face shape.

Heart face.

Your goal: For this face shape, the aim is to balance out the width at the top and the slimness at the bottom. To do that, keep your hair length to the longer side; as shorter cuts and styles (shorter than your chin, for example) may emphasise your smaller jaw area. Long and wavy hairstyles past your shoulders will look beautiful on you.

What to avoid: Whatever you do, don’t get any type of “heavy” bangs (such as blunt bangs cut straight across) as that would create even more width at the top, making your face out of balance.

My suggestion: My favorite looks for gals with a heart/inverted triangle face is a tie: wispy bangs and a layered cut, or cool, romantic waves. Both are too beautiful.

best bangs for face shape3. What about bangs/ a fringe?

Bangs (or fringe, if you prefer) are one of those things that can really change up your look.

They were, after all, created to hide, enhance and emphasis or de-emphasis certain areas of the face (think large foreheads, etc.) And so bangs are fantastic in balancing out face shapes so you can have a perfect hairstyle that really suits you.

It’s not a must, but bangs are definitely to be considered as the results can be really impressive!

Check out my post, Best Bangs for Your Face Shape for more info on what bangs will suit you best, but here are some quick guidelines:

This is what you should be looking out for and avoiding with your face shape and bangs:

  • Round face shape: Side swept and long bangs will also suit you well. Avoid full, blunt bangs which can make your face look rounder.
  • Long face shape: Bangs work very well on long faces since it “cuts” the length and creates more width. For you, blunt and side bangs are the best.
  • Square face shape: Wispy, choppy and layered bangs will look great on you. Avoid blunt and sharp cuts which will make your face look sharper.
  • Oval face shape. As always, lucky you! You can do what you like!
  • Heart/Inverted triangle face shape: For bangs, soft, side swept bangs will look great and give your face some balance. Avoid full, blunt bangs as the width of it will make the top half of your face look so wide, making your jaw and chi area smaller and out of balance.

Have you got some notes on what will suit your face shape, as well as some ideas on what you would look good in? Great! On to the next step…

4. Get some celebrity ideas.

After having an idea of what would look good with your face shape, I suggest looking for inspiration from celebrities with the same face shape as yours, since they always seem to have new hairstyles!

Look through photos of their hairstyles and see which one you are drawn to – that’s a clue into your personal style. (‘Cause even though you want a hairstyle that suits you, you still want one that you actually like.)

Round face shape: 

  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Chrissy Teigen
  • Gigi Hadid
  • Selena Gomez

Long face shape: 

  • Liv Tyler
  • Alexa Chung
  • Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Bella Hadid
  • Kristen Stewart

Oval face shape: 

  • Megan Fox
  • Jessica Alba
  • Sienna Miller

Square face shape:

  • Angelina Jolie
  • Rosie Huntington-Whitley
  • Olivia Wilde
  • Nicole Richie

Heart face shape: 

  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Taylor Swift
  • Chloe Moretz

Once you’ve gotten some ideas, it’s time to try them on!

5. Try out your potential hairstyles… digitally. 

InStyle Magazine’s Hollywood Makeover is a great virtual hair makeover tool I’d recommending testing out some ideas of hairstyles you have, chosen from your celebrity that shares the same face shape as you. Have fun with this and try out as many as you like.

what hairstyle suits me
Clearly, red is not my color!

And each time you “try” a hairstyle, ask yourself:

  • Does it look good overall?
  • Ask your, what was your initial response a positive one? If so, put set it aside and keep trying out and testing different looks, until you have a few options ready.
  • Does it suit my lifestyle? (Wavy hair that needs to be curled everyday would not be fun for a busy new mom, for example.)

Here’s an important hint when testing out hairstyles digitally. These hairstyle images that are uploaded with your photo can look really fake. What I do is I squint a little when looking at the image, and this blurs the image out and can give you an overall idea of the hairstyle on you.

6. Do An Audit

Now it’s time to study and get feedback and consider all areas of the few hairstyle options you now have. I’m a big believer in doing what you want to your hair – it’s your hair after all – but I also think it’s always best to ask around.

Ask some of your trusted friends, your man, your hairstylist, beauty loving friends, etc, what they think. Once you’ve asked around for some opinions and gotten a clearer choice of what you want, all you have to do now is pick your favorite of the bunch from the options you have left.

Go through your chosen styles from your audit and slowly but surely, cut them down your choices to one style, and there you have it! Your next hairstyle.

(Other Factors When Choosing A Hairstyle)

Height: For example, if you’re very petite, long hair – and really long hair, past the chest area – might overwhelm your frame and you may want to consider a shorter style. Likewise, some tall women prefer not to have shorter, pixie styles as they feel they look too masculine. Whatever your concerns are, these are things to definitely consider.

Large features: If you want to, for example, play down a long nose, then avoid a hairstyle that focuses directly on lengthening your face, such as straight, long hair. For long noses you would want to create more width to your fae, and hence look for ideas under the “long face shape” hairstyles. Large eyes too, if you want to downplay them, avoid a straight, long hairstyle as that can put all focus and attention on it. Either way – I think these features are what makes you unique, but just some suggestions since this article is about getting a hairstyle that suits you!

7. And your found it! Your best hairstyle!

After finding out your face shape, looking through the guidelines for what you would look good in, seeing some ideas from celebrities, and trying to them out digitally and asking for advice, you should find a hairstyle that suits you and one that you’re excited about!

Bonus: Still not sure what to get? Try this fool-proof hairstyle.

If you are still not sure on what hairstyle suits you; then that’s where “The Universal Haircut” comes in. This cut will flatter every face shape, hair type and is suitable at any age (for real!). It is timeless and classic, and will look beautiful on any woman.

In fact, it’s a hairstyle I’ve stayed with for many years, and don’t really pan to change: it suits my face shape, my style and it really is classic. Everyone would look good in it, guaranteed.

Over to you…

I hope I’ve helped you find a hairstyle that suits you and one you will love. If you have any comments or questions, just leave it below! Or tell me, how did you managed to find a hairstyle that suits you? Do you have any other tips to add in?

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  1. I’m 65 with a square/oval face. It was round when I was young. The top of my hair is white bad sides/bak is salt and pepper natural curly brown hair. I have grey resistant hair colour won’t last past the first washing. I’m thinning on top and the top sides of my hair. I wear it long in a pony tail to keep it from showing the thin areas. I am so tired of my look but am afraid of stylist that just cut and style the way THEY like it. Can you suggest what I should do?

    1. Hey Linda! I’m not 100% clear on what your hair looks like now but all my suggestions are in this post regarding face shape, etc. What I would do is to probably keep doing what you are doing to keep the thinning areas covered, but instead of a long ponytail, get The Universal Cut that I mentioned above. The length is very flattering for all ages, hair type, etc, and you can part it so it still covers thinner areas. The other option of course is to find a good stylist who will listen to your concerns. Good luck!

      1. I took a photograph that I had downloaded from the Internet to my hairdresser and told her that was the style I wanted. After years of trying different styles this short one is perfect for me. Not fuss, no hassle and I can style it myself, even better!

    2. My daughter is 12 years old but looks 16, she has a oval young face but a very Muscular swimmer build. She is a hourglass and loves fashion and Hairdressing. She is a high level swimmer so she doesn’t like to keep her hair long! At the moment she has a long grown out bob and coloured dark hair. She is self concious about her hair. Everyone commented on her hair (which had a red sprout at the back) but she got frustrated at adults praising her hair all the time and dyed it. She wants short hair as it fits her personality as well as very long hair. But doesn’t know what type for her Fine thick hair. She is scared about it looking bad with her hair type can you tip anything?

  2. I just wanted to comment on the triangle heart shaped face. It seems peole get these 2 face shapes confused all the time. The heart face shape means that your forehead is your widest part and yes you do have a widows peak. The triangle face shape is the opposite meaning your jaw is the widest part of your face next being your cheekbones and then forehead being the smallest. Kelly Clarkson is a true representation and Kathey Ireland of a triangle face shape and Reese Witherspoon is a heart shaped face. I know because I’ve done extensive research on face shapes because mine is between a square and triangle. My cheekbones are extremely relevant and so is my forehead but you can clearly tell that my jaw is the widest part. It’s very confusing each stylist will tell you different but the longer my hair gets if it’s not layered correctly I could easily fall into the rectangular face shape which is an elongated square. There is also the diamond face shape where cheekbones are the widest and this is seen on such beauties as Rihanna and Victoria Beckham. I”m not trying to take over your site or tell you your’e wrong but there needs to be more research into these face shapes before people post. The only way to tell for sure anyone’s face shape is to actually measure it. Cosmo magazine has a wonderful guide where you put in your measurements and they tell you your face shape or ask your stylist because they are trained to know and work with face shapes and hair because no matter how beautiful a haircut if it doesn’t match your face shape well it’s just not going to look right

    1. Hey Heather,

      Thank you for your comment! I am not sure how I missed it but I am so sorry for the late reply.

      I totally agree with you on the Triangle face shape. I meant to write “inverted triangle” and will update it after this comment. The thing is, I used Triangle/Heart together as those are the most popular “terms” people use; and I wanted my post to be as easy to understand as possible.

      Triangle (the correct version) and diamond are quite rare face shapes. For the original post I wanted to just keep it very simple, but I am planning to give this post a major update, so I will add those in too, as well as others (so thanks for that!).

      I agree with you on the celebs examples but I respectfully disagree with Kelly Clarkson, she has a round face shape. She is slightly going towards heart face shape because of her chin/jaw area; but overall, I believe she definitely has a round face shape.

      It sounds like you’ve done extensive research on face shapes and hairstyles, and while I agree with you that the best way is to properly measure it, I believe that my guide is also an accurate and easy, quick way to find out your face shape.

      That being said – don’t worry at all! I welcome all comments and thank you for yours. My tips are merely suggestions and personal ways I found worked for me and wanted to share; not trying to be super technical about it.

      Did you manage to find a hairstyle to suit your face shape, and one you are happy with?

      xx Renee

  3. This honestly wasn’t very helpful, I have curly hair and it doesn’t say what to do with that and it also definitely doesn’t mention banges for round faced curly hair people.

    1. Sorry it wasn’t helpful, Bri. I did mention bangs on round face shapes:

      “Side swept and long bangs will also suit you well. Avoid styles that will bring more width to your face, such as blunt bangs, bobs and big curls (cut at a short length).”

      I also said that for round faces, the trick is to elongate, so for you I’d recommend a long hairstyle.

  4. Hey.. I got an oval face. My cheecks r deep inside nd it looks like very thin.. ND my face look like Sylvester Stallone. David Beckham like dat. So do let me knw which hair style will suits me.. I tried short hairs many times but in tht my face looks too small… What should I do

    1. Hey Nidhi! Hmm, blunt bangs may make your face look rounder – if that’s OK for you, go for it! If not, I’d recommend getting bangs that are a little longer on the outer sides so they “lengthen” your face more.

  5. I was doing layers for nearly 3 years. But suffering with too much of split ends in all of my hair ends ,that’s make hair looks too horrible.
    How to cover up that split end..cutting the hair really made my hair very short now :(. Please help me.

  6. I was looking at this for a hairstyle, then i found out I had an oval face, and it said anything… so I guess it helped since I can see the other hairstyles to use. And it also gave me a variety of hairstyles.

  7. Thank you, Renee for the great blog! Help & tip…
    Tip: Instead of cleaning my mirror of lipstick to find my face shape, I put up clear plastic wrap (that stuck easily to mirror) & drew on it with a sharpie.
    Help: My face measures exactly the same width & length, I have very high cheekbones, rounded hairline & slightly rounded jawline…am I round or oval??? I can’t tell by my drawing! I’m right in between! Thanks!

  8. Hey I have a hart shaped face with a fare forward hair line I also have really thick hair and I don’t know what to do with it because right now it is up in a pulled back ponytail or let lose down. my hair has a lot of natural volume. what can I do with my hair ?

  9. Hello! I have a round face and am trying to grow out my fringe so I can have a long side fringe, how do you suggest styling the fringe when it becomes the uncomfortable length that stops me seeing before I can turn it into a nice long fringe?

  10. Hey, from what I can tell I have a round face, but long hair looks awful on me and short hair looks great. Do you know why this may be?

    1. Hey Gabe! Hmm, are you sure you have a round face? Do you have a photo I can see?

      There will always be exceptions I suppose, so if you do feel that you look better in short hair, go for it! 🙂

  11. Thankyou for your recommendation.

    I have a round face and have always styled my hair with round curls. I have since changed my style to be just straight basic plaits. It makes my face look totally different!

    I think my style has improved because of this hair style change.

  12. i have a round face and i am in chocolte brown shade. i have short(up to shoulder level and curly hair. i have little of front baldness. what kind of hairstyle will best suit me. i usually wear pony tail. but my classmates tease me because of baldness. what will be best hairstyle to cover front head.

  13. Thank you a lot for sharing this with all people you actually realize
    what you are speaking about! Bookmarked. =)

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