Why Do We Open Our Mouths When Applying Mascara?!

open mouths applying mascaraEver wondered why, despite trying so hard, you tend to always open your mouth while applying mascara?

This little gesture we do always seem to amuse others (read: mostly the men in our lives), and today, I shall reveal the secret to why we women do the crazy things we do.

The thing is, some of the neves that open the eyelids are connected to the mouth, thus making it second nature for us to open our mouths when lifting our eyelids as high as we do when applying mascara. (Or any eye makeup, for that matter.)

And before you think this is women exclusive, it most definitely isn’t!

Ask any man, as a test, to mimic applying mascara and he will do exactly the same.

So, the mystery has been solved! Any thoughts?

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  1. Ha!! I’m so making my husband do this! He’s always making fun of me when I put my mascara on.

  2. In consequence, if one opens their mouth, the less they blink! Which comes in handy with the mascara application. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. lol… never noticed that (: Now you’ve made me self-concious! I now always think about closing my mouth haha lol (:

  4. I asked my boyfriend to do it yesterday.. AND HE DIDNT OPEN HIS MOUTH? i tried again and looked like a fish as usual

  5. I think it has more to do with whether you stretch your head out quite a bit when applying mascara, which I tend to do in order for my lashes to not be touching my eyelid while applying it. And even without using mascara, as soon as I lift my head up in a motion like that, my mouth opens up a bit, and I can feel the skin under my neck stretch – so maybe it’s the skin stretching out that causes the bottom lip to pull open.

  6. This is funny Renee!

    I thought it’s because it makes you eye open wider. But lately I noticed I have been doing it unconsciously and not because of the stretch.

    This blog reminds me that I have heard that nerve connection and I totally forgot it.

    I love that suggestion! I’ll ask my man to do it! nyahahaha!

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