You is Kind, You is Smart, You is Important

As much as I love beauty and makeup, another huge love of mine is music and movies. I actually get quite a bit of beauty and style inspiration from them.

You is Kind, You Is Smart, You Is Important The Help Quote
Image: Youtube

In fact, I get a lot of inspiration from them – I recently got so much inspiration from another film in terms of “French Girl Beauty”, and then again from the recent Cinderella movie.

So it’s no surprise that The Help, another great movie I only discovered while I was sick in bed, had quite a “beauty” impact on me.

Have you seen it yet? If you haven’t, I highly recommend it! One particular moment in it really inspired me, and compelled me to write about it here.

Basically, there is a scene – a couple, actually – where Abilene, the domestic helper, holds the young girl of the family she is taking care of, looks her in her eye and slowly and lovingly says the following:

“You is kind, you is smart, you is important.”

Isn’t that great? (Check out the clip here).

But the real thing to notice is that she didn’t mention the word “beautiful”.

Now I’m not a parent or anywhere close – the closest I’ve come to kids is babysitting – but I know how important it is to lift your child’s self esteem and make sure she knows she is beautiful.

And while I agree wih this – and I will definitely tell my daughter, if I have one, that she is beautiful – I love how Aibileen didn’t. Her not saying the child was beautiful showed the child that beauty is not the focus in life, and focused on what’s really important: “you is kind” (her heart) “you is smart” (her brain) “you is important” (her self worth).

So she was basically encouraging her inner beauty, above all.

Mind. Blown.

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  1. I’ve watched it 3 times now and I cried all 3 times at the end when Aibileen says that to Mae Mobley 🙁 I’m sucha sap but it was so sad! It’s such a poignant show and I love how the cast was so female-centric. In a male-dominant era it was nice to see the men take a back seat and let the ladies do all the heavy lifting and boy did they ever! Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer were brilliant of course but Emma Stone, Jessica Chastain, Bryce Dallas Howard and all the ladies, basically were just as good. Love The Help! 🙂

    1. Thanks Ri 🙂 I am feeling better now!

      Totally agree with what you said, it was nice to see the women running the show, so to speak! I think all the actors did such an amazing job, truly a fantastic movie. I cried when Skeeter found out Constantine. Oh my gosh the tears!!! But lots of laughs too, like the pie Minnie made 😉

  2. Hello Renee, get well soon dear 🙂
    wow, this movie is truly inspiring and has a sweet tenderness too. i share your passion on this movie, can you please please let me know where can i watch it? oops, i am a noob in downloading movie so your guidance is greatly appreciated, thank you so much!

    love xoxo

  3. part 2
    urghh..Renee, please help. i tried google everything to download The Help movie but all require “paid credit card” to pay this movie (not even sure if this is scam or real, you know what i mean) and youtube just have all in trailers only

    thanks again, please let me know where you download to watch. love! Jarene

    1. Thank Jarlene! It really is a great movie.

      Sorry, I should’ve mentioned that I saw it on a DVD, not from download… I have no idea where to download movies, sorry. 🙁 Check it out at a video rental store, so worth the trip xx

      1. hey Renee! thanks for getting back. oh, i see, pretty good idea to buy the hard copy, ya. at least we won’t feel so stupid not knowing where to download ..ah, how i wish we are more geek, know all the great sites to download movie legally for free. hehe, surely i prefer to buy from movie store, first we have cash and secondly we don’t ever have to worry if the download is clean and plus all the heartache and headache to source for them 😛 it can get tedious like what i have been doing the whole of morning, oops. don’t tell my boss wahahahaha

        1. Unfortunately there is no way to legally download movies – it’s 100% illegal! Just rent the movie at the shops when you have the time. 🙂

  4. I have watched that movie and did cry, many many times. Such a great movie, but so ashame to say that I missed out the true meaning of ‘ you is kind, you is smart, you is important’. Thick headed me just thought she had the grammar wrong.

    1. Hahaha! It is bad grammar I suppose but I think that’s what makes it so endearing. Love the quote so much! 🙂

  5. The movie is great! I read the book and cried over a few things too 🙁

    get better soon!


    1. Thank you, TA. I’ve been trying to find the book at my library but everyone seems to be reading it, haha!

  6. That is such a sweet clip! I haven’t seen the film yet, but I have the book and it’s on my (very long!) to read list. I usually like to wait and see films based on books after I’ve read them, so it might be a while before I get around to this one!

  7. love what you said about kind smart and important being more important than being beautiful – totally agree!

  8. I love that movie & that was my fave scent too! Gets to me just thinking about it…. it was great – the cast was perfect – everyone acted their hearts out too!

  9. I saw this movie last year 🙂 it was great and I really impressed by the phrase that I see you also wrote. I must admit I had some tears in my eyes at the end of the movie…

  10. I totally loved the movie and I did notice that “beautiful” was rather missing and how nice that was. And what about the pie?LMAO

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