Hit or Miss? Yves Rocher Single Eyeshadow

I really wanted to love this eyeshadow. And I do, kinda.

Let me explain.

Yves Rocher Single Eyeshadow review
Image: Yves Rocher

I was looking for a neutral matte brown eyeshadow for everyday wear for my sensitive eyes while traveling. (That’s quite the mouthful!)

And because I was travelling and actually don’t own a personal brush set, one specific thing I was specifically looking for one with a built in applicator (I know people tend to hate them, and though you can’t beat a proper eyeshadow brush, they do the job decently.)

Yves Rocher Single Eyeshadow seemed perfect.

The Formula

The formula seemed purer than most – not perfect, but definitely better, there’s still talc in it – and was so easy and incredibly smooth and buttery soft. Blending on the lid was a dream. Furthermore, there was no irritation or reactions to my eyes at all, and the color was gorgeous – very cool and neutral, just how I liked it. I liked it so much I bought a neutral medium matte brown eyeshadow, and then a dark brown one too for the lash line. Plus, at $8 each, they seemed very reasonable.

Hit or Miss?

The only thing is, this eyeshadow creases on me like crazy. It claims to be long wearing (up to 6 hours of wear), but nope – not even close. As in, the eyeshadow will disappear 90% and instead hang out on your crease, so you see nothing except a thin line of powder on your crease when you close your eyes. What a shame! The remedy: an eyeshadow primer, or concealer on the eyelids beforehand to prep, and you’re good to go.

Bottom Line

So… it’s definitely a hit in many ways: colors are gorgeous, it’s non irritating, easy to apply and the packaging is handy for travel. The miss would be it’s staying power.

For $8, I guess I can’t expect too much – it’s still a great, simple, no-fuss eyeshadow at an amazing value. I’d still recommend it if you’re looking for an affordable, easy single eyeshadow. Just remember to prep your eyelids beforehand.

Where to get

I’ve read other reviews online where many were paying a lot in store, so you can find it online at Amazon.com.

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